Respiratory health

Find out here how you can use effective means to prevent respiratory diseases and infections in sheep and goats!

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Keeping goats and sheep – how to prevent respiratory diseases!

Respiratory diseases in sheep and goats are rarely caused by one pathogen alone. In most cases, these are factor diseases that are caused by pathogens (bacteria, viruses or parasites) in conjunction with other debilitating factors such as a suboptimal barn climate, malnutrition or an insufficient colostrum supply and stress.

If the lungs of goats and sheep are damaged by infections, the function of gas exchange (oxygen enrichment of the blood and removal of carbon dioxide) is impaired. The consequences are growth losses, which are associated with a reduction in milk or wool production and an increased susceptibility to disease due to a weakened immune system. The animals are restless, eat poorly and feel unwell.

Young animals in particular – lambs and kids – are very susceptible to respiratory diseases, as they do not yet have a fully developed immune system and are not yet able to optimally regulate their body temperature. Often, the animals that fell ill with respiratory infections as a young animal are limited in their performance for the rest of their lives. For the farmer, this means high economic losses. Prevention is therefore better than cure, not only for animal welfare reasons!

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