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Intestinal health is particularly important in ruminants – How you can prevent intestinal diseases in ruminants – Find out now!

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Ruminants – gut health is essential for a healthy animal!

A healthy intestine is a basic requirement for good animal health and a stable immune system, especially in ruminants, as it supplies the animals with nutrients and prevents toxins from entering the bloodstream. Intestinal diseases or disorders, often manifested as diarrhea, can damage the intestinal epithelium, making it easier for toxins to enter the bloodstream.

Diarrhea is particularly common in calves and feeders. The immune system is not yet fully developed when various diarrheal pathogens (rotavirus, corona virus, cryptosporidia, giardia, E-coli, cympylobacter, etc.) and other debilitating factors such as suboptimal colostrum quality or insufficient cleaning and disinfection of the calving stall and calf igloo come together. Diarrhea in ruminants can quickly lead to dehydration due to water and mineral loss in calves. Here it is important to act quickly! However, it is better to prevent calf diarrhea than to have to cure it, since illnesses in young animals often significantly reduce the fattening or milk yield of adult animals.

In the case of adult ruminants, the four stomachs are particularly important. Optimal forestomach function in ruminants is a basic requirement for efficient nutrient utilization, healthy and productive animals and low environmental pollution. Forestomach disorders in dairy cows, rearing cattle or fattening bulls are relatively common and are usually associated with a loss of appetite and performance, but can also lead to death if left untreated.

In order to avoid forestomach or intestinal disorders in ruminants and to keep the animals healthy and productive, an adapted and balanced feeding of ruminants forms the basis. Above all, high-yielding cows have very high demands here. Improper ration composition can result in metabolic problems such as rumen acidosis and ketosis. However, vital digestive processes also take place in adult ruminants in the further digestive tract from the duodenum, which is why it is also important to strengthen the intestinal microbiome and thus the intestinal function in order to guarantee optimal nutrient absorption.

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