Respiratory health

Rabbits often suffer from respiratory diseases – Find out here what you can do about it and how you can support rabbits preventively!

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Respiratory Diseases In Rabbits – What You Can Do To Prevent!

Respiratory diseases in rabbits are usually caused by bacteria and not viruses. The most common pathogens causing respiratory diseases in rabbits include pasteurella, bordetella, staphylococci and mycoplasma. Most rabbits carry these bacteria without ever becoming ill. However, stress, relocation, inharmonious groups, insufficient protection from the weather or drafts weaken the rabbit’s immune system, which can lead to an outbreak of the disease.

There is a risk that the bacteria can lead to a chronic cold, migrate into the ear and cause middle ear infections in the rabbits. The risk of dental disease is also relatively high, since rabbits who are plagued by earache usually show a different chewing behavior. In addition, rabbits generally breathe through their nose for anatomical reasons. A stuffy nose caused by a rabbit cold is always a great torment for them. In addition to inflammation of the airways in rabbits, even slight symptoms of a cold can lead to pneumonia. The rabbits lose weight and their general condition deteriorates. Left untreated, pneumonia in rabbits can be fatal.

For this reason, rabbit colds should be taken seriously to avoid worse consequences. It is even better to prevent respiratory diseases instead of having to cure them. Preventive measures such as a high standard of hygiene and a balanced diet are essential.

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