Respiratory health

How you can prevent respiratory diseases and thus high losses in your poultry – act now and inform!

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Prevent respiratory diseases in poultry at an early stage!

Respiratory diseases in poultry are one of the most significant diseases, especially in the autumn and winter months – in laying hens, breeders, turkeys and broilers. Due to the special structure of the respiratory organs and the high performance of the respiratory tract in poultry, there is a high susceptibility to infections. Respiratory diseases in poultry are often multifactorial. In addition to seasonal environmental influences (e.g. temperature fluctuations), the stocking density plays a major role. Risks also lurk in husbandry conditions and biosecurity. Immunosuppressive diseases due to vaccination reactions can also weaken the immune system of poultry and lead to respiratory problems.

The consequences are poorer feed conversion, reduced growth, high drug costs, high mortality and morbidity and rejections when slaughtering the poultry and thus high economic losses.

In general, when it comes to respiratory diseases in poultry, prevention is better than cure. Since vaccination does not offer complete protection in poultry and, depending on the pathogen, latent infections or their flare-up cannot always be prevented, dietary measures to improve general resistance are becoming increasingly important. Especially in the period after the vaccination of the poultry, the accompaniment of vitality products made for this makes sense.

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